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Master Keys in Jacksonville, FL

Whether you are a homeowner who has recently moved into a new house or a business that needs new master keys produced, you can rely on the experts at our locksmith company. We are committed to serving the locksmith needs of the community with a variety of different services. Our team takes great pride in the diverse range of skills we have honed over the years. This means we are capable of providing services to a range of customers throughout the area.

The first line of defense your home has against intruders is a strong and durable lock. Enjoy time at home with your family knowing you and your valuables are protected from potential theft and harm when you contact our team. With more than 12 years in business, our time in the field has equipped us with the skills necessary to install any kind of lock that works best for your home. From deadbolts to knob locks and mortise locks, we guarantee we can install your new lock with ease. We provide a wide variety of different brands and styles of locks to fit your home’s décor as well.

Services Available from Our Experienced Team

Our commercial locksmith services are an asset to many businesses that need additional security and accountability. Whether important goods are stored in your location or sensitive information, you can be confident that our work will keep everything secure. Our commercial services include rekeying, installation of new locks, and providing master keys, transponder keys, and security keys.

Additionally, our commercial locksmith services are great for real estate agents and landlords alike. Maintain the security of your clients and tenants with ease by hiring us. By updating and changing the locks on your properties' doors when people move, your tenants will have peace of mind knowing their safety is your priority. We believe this aspect of property management is vital to protecting our friends and neighbors in the community. That’s why we provide special discounts to property managers and real estate agents throughout the area.

Whether you need locks for your home, your office, or another structure altogether, you can count on our team to take your needs seriously. We provide mobile services for your total convenience. Get the best in the industry easily when you contact our company. Often a property will need to install new locks. Our professional team of locksmiths can install any type of lock you could possibly imagine. For more information on the locks we stock and how they can suit your needs, contact us today for new locks.

Master Keys in Jacksonville, FL

 Repairs and Replacements for Transponder Keys in Jacksonville, FL

Master Keys for Residential and Commercial Clients

Master keys are essential security implements that grant select users access to any area in a property. These instruments are designed to open any number of doors a property may have. Highly efficient, you no longer have to carry a heavy ring of keys, making locking and unlocking a property that much easier. If you want a master-key setup for your commercial property then contact us today. We will schedule a meeting at your convenience to get started. We can also create copies that can be given out to trusted members of your staff to increase productivity in the office.

If you need new security keys then contact us today and ask about how we can customize our services to your specifications. We can duplicate or create new security keys for your home or commercial property. Our experienced and friendly locksmiths are happy to address any of your questions or concerns. Because of our connection to the local community, we make it our priority to give the best service possible to anyone who comes to us to improve their safety.

Ensure Safety with Our Rekeying Services

When you lose your keys, it is often a very frustrating experience, and it can create additional stresses. This is especially true when the keys in question have fallen down a drain or some narrow place where they can’t be retrieved. Whether you have a pet locked in your home, important work to finish at your business, or you simply want to get home to relax at the end of a busy day, your situation needs to be addressed quickly. We make it easy to get spare keys for yourself, your employees, tenants, car owners, and homeowners fast. With our rekeying services, your new keys will work just like the old ones and our rekeying services can be used for both vehicles and properties.

Fast Repairs and Replacements for Transponder Keys

Does your vehicle key have a computer chip? Does your office or residential building keys utilize transponder technology? If they do and there are issues with these keys, contact us and let us know you need replacement transponder keys. We can create a transponder at a cheaper price than what you’d receive from the dealership or original key manufacturer.

We know your time is valuable. You want to be able to get in and out quickly of your home or car quickly. Creating these kinds of keys is not so simple due to the technology involved. However, when you count on us, you’ll receive your replacement faster than other companies. The sooner you get in touch with us to repair your key, the better. Before you contact manufacturers, contact us first. We will save you money and time, getting you back to your daily routine or your necessary business schedule fast.

Contact us when you need commercial and residential locks and keys. We provide services to customers in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Middleburg, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach, FL, plus the surrounding areas.